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    Nathan J. Sadowski, Management Consultant/Investment Adviser Representative

    Hello, my name is Nathan J. Sadowski, I was born and raised on a farm in Midwestern Canada. I come from a family of seven, two sisters and four brothers. Five of us reside in California and two are still in Saskatchewan, Canada.

    I learned how to drive a tractor and milk goats by the age of 8 years old; I truly understand hard work. I received an academic/baseball scholarship in 2000 and left the farm to go to California and pursue my baseball career, which was cut short due to an injury. My college studies continued at Menlo College where I graduated with a B.A. in Business Management. Currently I reside in San Francisco with my wife Sonbol and our four month old daughter Ariana.  I  still pursue my passion for the game by playing on a team in a San Francisco City League.

    My other passion is helping people. I got involved in investment advisory because I wanted to help guide people, especially my parents as they neared retirement. With over a decade of consulting, insurance and investment management experience I fully understand the value of protecting assets for retirement and family. 

    I understand the significance of planning and how my own choices can impact my family’s well being and will extend that same care to you and your family. I am here to help and I look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs.

    Yours truly,

    Nathan J. Sadowski

    Investment Adviser Representative and Licensed Insurance Professional, 0F91699

    I am registered as an Investment Adviser, which is defined as someone who is paid to provide advice about securities. Investment advisers can also be paid to manage investment portfolios or offer financial planning services. 

    I am also studying towards my Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP) at Kaplan University. CFP professionals integrate a complex body of investment knowledge, ethically contributing to prudent investment decisions by providing objective advice and guidance to individual and institutional investors. 

    Keith M. Oslie
    Investment Adviser Representative
    Licensed Insurance Professional - # 0L77279

    As you consider the important decision of who you will depend on to provide guidance and management around your financial planning and investment advisement, I would like the opportunity to work with you on your behalf to help achieve your financial goals.  Only by understanding first “who I am” can you determine whether our beliefs and values are similar enough that we are the “best fit” to work with one another as a team.

    As a proud family member of a long line of US Service members, I was taught the importance of serving my family and my community with integrity, commitment and selflessness.  As the eldest of five, I learned at a very young age to lead by example and to put others’ interests above my own.  To the extent of my ability, I made sure that my family was cared for.  While I was born in California because of my father’s active enlistment, most of my formative years were spent in the mid-west, where commitment, honor, leadership and responsibility are quickly complemented by the need for regular physical labor, effective communication and prudent financial management - all characteristics required of the eldest son of a father and grandfather who are small business owners.

    After working for many years in the family businesses, in 1999 I decided to return to California with the objective of continuing to round out my skills and values which I had gained while continuing my professional growth.  Working in operational management in the logistics industry for sixteen years enabled me to further my knowledge and skills by growing my abilities and capabilities as they pertained to organizational skills.  In 2008 I was fortunate enough to meet one of the most remarkable people ever.  Little did I know at that time that ultimately Mendy would become my confidant and best friend and the mother of our child.

    We reside as a family in Alameda, enjoying all of the many benefits which the Bay Area offers.  Our small-town community gives us the confidence we have in raising our daughter - Lakyn – which continues to assist in the fostering of her well-being and happiness.

    Should you decide to place your financial planning and investment advisory needs with me, my pledge to you is that I, Keith Oslie, Investment Adviser Representative, vow to uphold my fiduciary oath and commitment to applying all of my professional skills and personal values for the benefit of achieving your financial needs and goals.

    In conclusion, thank you for considering my background, skills, confidence, pledge of values and personal commitment for the active planning and management of your financial future.

    Keith M. Oslie


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